13 April, 2017

Knowledge is a present for yourself

Basic English 5.10.: Graduation. Knowledge is a present for yourself.
Graduation of «Basic English 5.0.» group took place today at the Window on America center in Dnipro.
The group had a 20 hour language course within the framework of the project “Express-English at the DOUNB Library”. The instruction was provided by the library staff member Tamara Gavryliuk who has the University degree equivalent of the MA in ESLT.
 The course was based on free resources from the internet and focused on basic of the English language (alphabet, phonetics, reading rules,  comprehension).
 During 10 educational sessions the students practiced reading exercises and are now able to read and understand longer texts. Some of them can even tell short stories about themselves.
Lexical exercises with important cross-cultural information will help the English learners to use the Basic English in communication with foreigners in Ukraine and abroad.
The group was very grateful for the new skills and promised to visit WOA’s English-speaking events.
Participant numbers – 35 persons.
Presenter: T. Gavryliyuk.
Pictures: S.Usenko.

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