01 April, 2017

Water Day and April Pranks

This afternoon the Gabfest Club session (in Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine) started with the introductions of the new-comers who shared with the group their reasons to improve the English skills. The official topics of the session were UN Water Day and April’s Fools Day. The group was reminded that March, 22 was the UN Water Day. The Club members watched the YouTube videos about the global problem of fresh water scarceness and wasting. They discussed the year 2017 theme “Why Waste Water?”. The group talked about water as a precious resource and ways of its saving. The animated cartoon about water saving made in Singapore appealed to the group as it introduced new vocabulary and showed good ways to save water.

In the second part of the session the group was offered videos about the April fool’s Day. We watched a video that explained the history of the holiday in Europe. The group was offered a slide show explaining the most popular Fool’s Day pranks in the USA and tried to translate into English the description of the Ukrainian pranks. Some US pranks were similar to the Ukrainian ones, some were hard to understand. The group had a good laugh when trying to understand how US prankster behave on April Fool’s Day.
Participants number – 42 persons

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