08 April, 2017

Arizona and Visa-free Travel

This afternoon the WOA’s speaking club session (in Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine) was attended by foreign guests from the USA and the UK.
During the first part of the session Mr. Edison made a presentation about his home state Arizona. He presented the nature, the main industries, the food and culture, the universities and the major tourist attractions of Arizona. The group was impressed with the Monument Valley, rodeos and other Edison’s stories about Arizona.
The second part of the session was dedicated to the conversation about EU visa-free entry for Ukrainians. The group was offered new vocabulary about navigating boarder control. The topic was also illustrated with relevant videos about visa waiver for Ukrainians.

The foreign guests and club members shared funny stories about border crossing in various countries. The lucky owners of Ukrainian biometric passports mentioned the features of the advanced technology documents.
At the end of the session the UK guest Mr. Armando gifted the Union Jack flag to the Gabfest Club.
The session was educational and urges the club members to increase their tourist mobility in Summer time.
Participants number – 42 persons.

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