11 February, 2016

St.Valentine’s Day and its observance in the USA

Today the Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk was visited by a group of the 9th year students from school No.23. This school is a long-time partner of the WOA Center as it has a focus on English study.
The «УкраїнаSpeaking» project was presented to the group and the students were urged to follow the project’s pages in the popular social networks.
The aim of the high school students’ visit was to talk about up-coming Valentine’s Day and its observance in the USA.
A slide show with 12 popular idioms and slang words about love and dating was presented to the group. Finding of Ukrainian equivalents to all idioms was quite a challenge.
The second part of the session was a conversation about “bad dates”. The group was offered a slide show with beautiful views of Chicago and a story of a Chicago girl about her Valentine’s Day date that went wrong. We talked about the situations when a date is considered a bad date.
To wrap up the conversation the WOA staff asked the students to recommend an English song that might be a perfect Valentine’s Day background music. The students suggested the song “Only you”.
Number of participants – 15 persons.
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