29 February, 2016

Discover USA: Native Americans in the United States

The Year of English in Ukraine continues. Within the framework of the project "Discover USA" "Window on America" Center was visited by the students of secondary school №141 that focuses on the study of English. WOA’s Head Svetlana Usenko told the students about the events planned for school students and invited them to join the summer "American camp." The main topic of the meeting was the story of the North American Indians. The students were told about the places where the Native Americans lived, the houses they built for themselves and their interior. The native American house - "Tippy" is made of wood and buffalo skins. It became world famous and popular among hunters and children. The students were offered a diagram that explained how to build a tippy and have fun. Students watched a slide show and several videos. They have learned new English words on the topic and browsed through brightly illustrated books from the DOUNB library collection. We hope that this visit to the "Window on America" center will become a good motivation for studying American English and US history.
We hope that this presentation will be an extra motivation for the students to learn English.
Number of participants – 25 persons.

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