12 February, 2016

Fun St.Valentine’s Day

Today the staff of the Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk visited school No.141. This school is a long-time partner of the WOA Center as it has a focus on English study.

The «УкраїнаSpeaking» project was presented to the primary school students and they were urged to take seriously their foreign language study.
The aim of the WOA’s visit was to tell the children about a popular American holiday Valentine’s Day and its observance.
The children were offered a slide show about the holiday’s background and legends about Valentine.
Several sing-along songs were very popular with kids: they learned how to spell the word “HEART” and remember the pretty colors for Valentine cards.

To wrap up the presentation the WOA staff offered big-screening of the iconic Disney cartoon “Chip and Dale and Miss”. Children of all ages enjoyed the funny chipmunks’ love story.
The children were fascinated with the songs and stories, eagerly answered rather complicated questions and impressed the WOA staff with their interest in English study.
Number of participants – 235 persons.
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