19 February, 2016

УкраїнаSpeaking and ДніпропетровськSpeaking

Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk was invited to participate in the English Language Week at the local high school No.22. The school is a long time WOA’s partner and focuses on the foreign languages study. During the school visit the WOA staff interacted with 7 groups of students of different ages.
The WOA’s Head S. Usenko presented the WOA resources to the youngest children. They were informed about the #УкраїнаSpeaking project and the recent addition to the WOA’s children’s book collection – “Little House in the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls-Wilder. The book was translated into Ukrainian by Eugenia Kononenko and published with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine. To present the WOA’s collection of kids’ movies the students were offered big screening of popular films trailers – Robot and Frank (2012) and Bee Season (2005).

The WOA’s speaking club moderator T. Gavryliuk and WOA’s American volunteer Mr. Jason had conversational sessions with several medium and high school classes. The format of the sessions was ‘Question and Answer’ and gave the students an opportunity to interact with a native speaking American. The students appreciated the visit of the guest who demonstrated the American variant of the English language. They have presented him with authentic Ukrainian souvenirs – locally made chocolates, folk crafts and an illustrated book on Ukrainian culture and traditions. The high school students invited the American guest to the school’s local lore museum and arranged a speedy tour for him during a break.
Number of participants – 125 persons.
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