27 February, 2016

Tutankhamen and other Archaeological Sensations

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club ("Window on America", Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) was dedicated to the conversation about archaeology and related topics.
We started with watching a video about the 90th anniversary of the Tutankhamen’s tomb discovery in Egypt. This allowed to introduce the topic of great archeological discoveries of our time. We talked and watched videos about famous European excavation sites open for tourists.
To introduce new vocabulary we watched a video about archaeology as a profession. The club members had a few surprises over the meaning of some archaeological tools and artifacts, for example: “screen”, “spade”, ‘flint”, etc. Our American volunteer Mr. Jason told the group about the most sensational archeological discoveries in the USA. We talked about the iconic American movie “Indiana Jones” and its main character – the professor of archeology. The animated cartoon “Flintstones” was also introduced in connection with the archaeology topic.

The second part of the session was planned to give the Ukrainian Club members to tell Mr. Jason about the archeological sensations of Ukraine. The Club members had a chance to introduce the World Heritage site of the Taurine Chersoneses in Crimea and the Scythian pectoral found in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. The video about the discovery of the Scythian pectoral reminded all the club members about the anniversary of its founder – Ukrainian archeologist Boris Mozolevsky.
To wrap up the conversation and to introduce a funny interpretation of archeology the Ukrainians presented to Mr. Jason the iconic Soviet comedy ‘The gentlemen of fortune’.
The session was a full house and was considered very educational by all participants.
Number of participants – 41 persons.
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