31 January, 2016

American Teen Club – Brave teenagers at DniproWOA

Today’s session of the Teen Club was attended by few brave boys – Eric and Yegor. The rest of the teenagers stayed at home due to the flu epidemic. At the beginning of the session the WOA staff encouraged the boys to share their tastes in winter songs. Eric suggested that we listen and translate the iconic winter time songs: “Happy New Year” by ABBA and “Santa Clause is coming to town” by different popular performers – from classical to rock.
A cup of tea with sweet snacks activated the brain cells and prepared the boys to a brain-storm - the teenagers were introduced to the WOA’s table games. The “Apples to Apples” game was explained in detail and the boys really enjoyed playing it from the first round.
At a later stage the teenagers were joined by our UK volunteer Mr. Paul. The group enjoyed playing the “Monopoly” game. The boys had a chance to practice their introduction phrases.
Number of participants – 3 persons.
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