17 January, 2016

Winter Active Special

American Teen Club – «Winter Active Special»
Today’s session of the TEEN CLUB session (at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) was moderated by the WOA’s staff member Tamara Gavryliuk. The majority of the teenagers were new to the club. The introduction ritual was offered and the girls gladly introduced themselves. They all have beginner’s level and need to improve their skills. During the introductions we learned that some girls live close to the WOA center, some had to commute a long way from the other side of the river Dnipro. They all have pets and have hobbies: sports, art, literature, dances.
The second part of the session was dedicated to the introduction of the new vocabulary – winter sports and fun activities. The girls were offered a slide show with illustrated words.
The pleasant surprise to all of them was the arrival of the WOA’s native-speaking guest – Mr. Paul from the UK. The teenagers had a chance to hear two variants of the English language: American English in the slide show and British English in Mr. Paul’s comments to the slide show.
The girls were impressed and motivated to work on their vocabulary. They look forward to the TEEN Club sessions with more participants to impress them with their drilled introductions.
Number of participants – 6 persons.
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