30 January, 2016

Memorable Dates of January

The official topic of the Gabfest Club’s session ("Window on America", Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) was dedicated to the ‘Memorable Dates of January'.
At the beginning of the session the group was directed to the partner Foreign Literature department of the DOUNB Library where a book and image display dedicated to the anniversary of Jack London was presented. The task for the group was to learn from the display as much as possible about Jack London and to share the information with the peers.
The next anniversary for discussion was F.D. Roosevelt’s birthday. To refresh the FDR’s biography we have watched a You Tube video and focused the conversation on the documentary about FDR’s Memorial in DC and its symbolism.
To counterbalance the choice of US iconic personalities the group was offered to introduce to our foreign volunteers the iconic Ukrainian who celebrates birthday in January – Leonid Kadeniyuk. L. Kadeniyuk (65 y.o.) is the first and so far the only Ukrainian astronaut.
The final personality selected for the conversation was a modern US show woman Oprah Winfrey. She also celebrates birthday in January. The group was offered several slides with Oprah’s quotes for translation and discussion.
As always the group has learned a dozen new words and curious facts about the USA and its outstanding personalities.
The group enjoyed the educational elements of the conversation and the presence of the native-speaking volunteers – Mr. Jason and Mr.Paul.
The session was very educational and proved to be very informative especially for the numerous newcomers.
Number of participants – 32 persons.
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