09 January, 2016

Orthodox Christmas in ‎Ukraine

Today’s session of the ‪‎Gabfest‬ Club (Window on America center ‪‎Dnipropetrobsk‬, ‎Ukraine‬) took place a few days after the ‎Orthodox Christmas‬. It was a good opportunity to return to the basic elements of the ‎Nativity Scene and re-introduce important terms to the learners of English. The club members were given a task to describe and explain important things about the Orthodox Xmas icons presented to the Club members.
The new vocabulary of Nativity terms was drilled as the words escaped the memory after the Western Xmas.
The second part of the session was a conversation about Ukrainian traditions of Christmas celebration. Once the appropriate article introduced the specific terms the conversation focused on culinary traditions. It’s a challenge to the English learners to describe Ukrainian dishes to foreigners in an adequate way. Our foreign volunteers Mr. Jason and Mr. Paul managed to understand the attempts of the Club members. After this conversation the club members will be able to speak about Ukrainian Christmas traditions.
The session was very educational and was enjoyed by all the participants.
Participants number – 21 person.

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