02 November, 2015

If you want to study in the USA

The International Education Week organized by the US department of state and US department of education is showcased to the WOA’s patrons in the November book display «If you want to study in the USA».
The world known programs for academic and professional exchange are introduced to the WOA’s visitors through respective brochures and promotional materials: the Fulbright Program, IREX, the Humphrey fellowship. The book display of the Window On America center illustrates the educational opportunities in the USA. The stand also presents promotional materials about numerous American universities from various states.
WOA’s visitors, clubs’ members and all who want to get tertiary education in the US can learn more about the best educational institutions, the registration procedures, entrance exams timing, tuition fees system, etc.
Ukrainian applicants can learn about the possibility to obtain educational grants through various programs.


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