21 November, 2015

International Games Day - 2

This Saturday the Gabfest Club (Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) members took part in the global event – the International Games Day.

The first part of the session was dedicated to the introduction of the event and the conversation about board games and their role in the lives of modern people. The phenomenon of “game-based learning” was introduced to the group and illustrated with several You Tube videos. The club members shared their experiences of having gamification elements in training and their attitude to the games that actually teach you something. New vocabulary to the topic was also introduced.
The second part of the Games Day session was the introduction of the WOA’s board games collection. Our American volunteer Mr. Jason took an active part in the games introduction. We started with the elementary school games that may be useful to American English learners as they teach spelling (“Boggle”) and progressed to the most challenging ones (the crossword game “Scrabble” and its varieties). The popular games that are just fun were also introduced (“The Jungle Speed” and “Monopoly”). The most helpful games for the Gabfest Club members are: “Apples to Apples” that enriches vocabulary and “Taboo” that improves descriptive and speaking skills.

The highlight of the session was introduction of the board
games set “Activate”. The group was offered a trial set of educational games for American English learners. The participant formed pairs and actively had conversations according to the games’ titles.

The session was a funny and educational event that introduced new trends in language learning.

The Gabfest Club members made a video about their Games Day at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine for the global International Games Day site.

Number of participants – 27 persons.

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