09 February, 2017

Cold Winter May Be Fun!

Information and Resource Center "Window on America" (Dnipro Ukraine) prepared for students of school № 141 an educational and entertainment presentation «Winter in our city».
WOA’s Head Svetlana Usenko and the WOA’s volunteer Sergiy Barabash demonstrated to the children how one can have fun and study English in winter, even when the winter holidays are over.
For two lessons the students watched a slide show and entertaining videos. They have learned many new words for the topic “Winter”, drilled the new words, actively answered the questions. The sessions were interactive as the students were not afraid to use the microphone while answering questions. The students enjoyed the videos about birds and animals that live in the Arctic. The kids were offered to sing along English songs about winter and they did it with pleasure.
The WOA’s visit took place a few days before the Valentine's Day. The children greeted the WOA representatives with warm wishes and Valentine cards! The WOA’s volunteer Sergiy received the biggest number of Valentine cards!
Participants number – 142 persons.

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