25 February, 2017

Presidents’ Day and Winter Carnivals

This afternoon the Gabfest Club members (Dnipro Window on America center) observed the holidays of the last winter week.
The President’s Day is a public holiday in the USA. To refresh the curious facts about the US Presidents we have researched the topic of Presidential portraits on the US currency – both notes and coins. The group has learned the new vocabulary - penny, nickel, dime, quarter or half dollar. Our US volunteer Mr. Jason illustrated the topic with the demonstration of the 100 US$ note with the portrait of Mr. Benjamin Franklin. He was not a President, but one of the Founding Fathers of the American state. The group enjoyed a quiz “Presidents on Money” – the hints in the quiz told fun facts about each President. The highlight of this part was a video about President Andrew Jackson (the portrait from 20 US $ banknote) and the duel in which he was wounded.
In the second part of the session we talked about winter carnivals and their symbolism. The most popular carnival in the USA was mentioned - Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The Mardi Gras color scheme for year 2017 was introduced and its symbolism explained.

Our American guests Mr. Cole and Mr. Jason were interested in the stories of the club members in which they explained the winter carnival tradition in Ukraine - the so-called “Kolodiy”. The American volunteers were fascinated with the tradition of eating of cottage cheese dumplings, washing them down with a honey drink, punishing single guys and girls for not finding a fiancé before Lent. The illustrative video of the TSN channel enlightened the group on the symbolism of the local folk tradition.
Participant number – 57 persons.

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