02 February, 2017

Black History Month in the US

The information-resource center "Window on America" Dnipro presented to its patrons the book display "February – the Black History Month in the US".
The display highlights the materials about Martin Luther King – the outstanding fighter for civil rights of the black population in the United States in 1950-1960.
The display showcases the American writers’ books that tell about the hard life of African -Americans. The display introduces such terms as "segregation," "discrimination," "racism," "civil rights movement" and others.
 Martin Luther King dreamed of equality of all American citizens irrespective of their skin color, about civil rights for everyone. He urged to respect each other because all men are created equal by God.
The highlight of the display is the text of the Martin Luther King’s speech during the march on Washington known as “I have a dream… ".
 The displayed books were donated to the DOUNB library by the US Embassy in Ukraine and the US charity foundation "Sabre-Light" within the period of 25 years since diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the USA were established.

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