21 February, 2017

Activate English Group 5.3.: International Day of the Mother Language

On the International Day of the Mother Language the «Activate English! 5.3.» students of the WOA’s “Express-English” course  learned to describe traditional Ukrainian peasant house “Khata”.
In Dnipro city region the village cottages are made from clay-and-straw bricks and white-washed. The roofs are covered with the river cane. The typical country cottage is glorified in classical XIX century Ukrainian poems.
We should be proud of our heritage and be able to tell the foreign visitors about traditional Ukrainian architecture.
 The topic «My Home. My Neighbors» was studied and discussed by 93 persons.
The professional EFL lecturer T. Gavryliuk combines the lexical exercises with important cross-cultural information that will help the English learners to understand their foreign counterparts better and to avoid awkward situations in communication.
Number of participants – 93 persons.

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