04 February, 2017

Facebook's birthday for friends

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club (at Window on America center Dnipro, Ukraine) was dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the global social network Facebook.
We have shared the thoughts about this network and learned several idioms that make clear the idea behind the name “Facebook”. The topic of friendship had a cross-cultural touch. For our US volunteer Mr. Jason the group had to render into English popular Ukrainian proverbs about friends and friendship.
The most challenging for our American friend was rendering of a Russian proverb about friendship: “to know a person well one needs to eat with him 16 kilograms of salt”. We had a good laugh about the misunderstandings that come from the perceptional differences in different cultures.

The highlight of the session was watching of a YouTube video about different types of behavior on Facebook. The group has learned some popular Facebook terms: “princess snapshots”, “food-o-grapher”, “over-sharer”, etc.
Number of participants – 52 persons.


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