06 December, 2016

Presentation of Recourses. eLibraryUSA

Presentation of recourses for English learners: eLibraryUSA.
The Information and Resource Center "Window on America" was visited by the 3rd year students of National Mining University (their major -"Finance", the lecturer - O. Krylova). They had a pleasant surprise – the encounter with the WOA’s American volunteer Mr. Jason.
The students watched the WOA’s promotional video about the new library services, learned about the electronic services of DOUNB library to support the learning process. The young people observed with interest the Xmas tree-shaped book shelf. It showcased helpful materials for English learners - "winter" vocabulary, idioms, phrase verbs, books and films on DVDs.
The students were urged to join the most popular WOA’s projects: the English-language Movie Club on Wednesdays and the English-speaking club "GABFEST" on Saturdays.
Students received promotional materials that will keep good memories about the DOUNB library in the year 2017.
Participants number – 11 persons.

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