20 December, 2016

Graduation of «Activate English Group 4.0.»

Graduation of «Activate English  Group 4.0.» took place today at the WOA Dnipro. The group had a 20 hour language course within the framework of the project “Express-English at the DOUNB Library”. The instruction was provided by the library staff member Tamara Gavryliuk who has the University degree equivalent of the MA in ESL.
The course was based on the materials from the textbook published by McMillan Language House and focused on the conversational practice for intermediate and advanced level learners of English.
During 10 educational sessions the students practiced popular conversational topics, studied new vocabulary and grammatical structures, learned about the basic etiquette of the English-speaking countries, mastered the skills of “small talk”. At the final session the most diligent students received certificates of attendance.
The fourth group graduation lesson took place today. As a test task the group had to tell our US volunteer Mr. Stephen about the Orthodox Xmas celebration tradition and New Year celebration in Ukraine.

The group managed with the challenging task and had almost no difficulties in describing Ukrainian holiday dishes to our American friend. The most diligent students received certificates of attendance.
Participants number – 32 persons.
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