22 December, 2016

Christmas Greetings

«Christmas Greetings exchange at Dnipro Window on America center»
Year of English in Ukraine is coming to an end. A group of the 4th year students from secondary school №14 arrived to WOA Center. The school has been actively cooperating with the DOUB library and the "Window on America" center for a long time.
Today the students visited the DOUNB library to hand in the Christmas gifts to the staff of the Foreign Languages Department. These gifts were beautiful handcrafts: from simple paper cuts to exquisite crocheted dolls of Santa Claus, Father Frost and Snow Maiden .All the Xmas crafts will take part in the Library competition and eventually will decorate the DOUNB library interiors.
As a personal season greeting to the librarians the children sang a funny Xmas song in English, and made the librarians laugh. During the educational part of the visit the students learned about American Christmas traditions. The red Poinsettia plant is a symbol Xmas in the USA, it’s used to decorate homes. In Ukraine we enjoy the blossom of the winter cactus – the Schlumbergera flower.
We talked about popular Xmas stories for children and winter sports activities. The surprise for the students – a globally known "Carol of the bells» has a Ukrainian author – composer Mykola Leontovych.
The kids were impressed by the acapella performance of the American group “Pentatonix”.
The DOUNB Library passed a Gratitude Letter to our contact in School No.141 – Ms. Oksana Bogovyk, she also received a small Xmas souvenir from WOA – stationary with the "Window on America" logo .
See you all again in 2017!
Number of participants – 20 persons.

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