19 November, 2016

World Tolerance Day

This afternoon, the WOA’s Gabfest club members (Window on America center in Dnipro, Ukraine) observed the World Tolerance day.
As it was a difficult topic for discussion we decided to use infographics and define the term of tolerance with it.
Notions connected with this word – sharing, forgiveness, communication, judging and others.
The notion of tolerance was easy to explain with popular quotes. We read, translated and discussed several quotes about what should be tolerated and what should not be tolerated. The highlight of the discussion was Kofi Annan’s quote, which says that we all belong to one human Race irrespective of our religion, language or skin color.
The group was offered to share their funny stories about tolerance in everyday life. Most stories we heard were about how to tolerate “naughty” neighbors in urban living.

The medical context meaning of the word “tolerance” was also presented to the group to avoid misunderstanding (like “glucose tolerance test”, etc.).
The topic was educational and enjoyed by all participants.
Instructor: T. Gavryliyuk
Pictures: S.Usenko
Number of participants – 47 persons.

Have a look at more pictures, please

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