03 November, 2016

Basic English Group in November

November, 3 – Students of all generations attend the Basic English lessons in Dnipro Window on America center at the DOUNB Library. The Group was founded as a training site for people who never studied English or for those who need to return to the basics of the language.
This afternoon the group learned the rules of vowels reading according to the syllable type. We practiced reading clusters of words to obtain the proper articulation speed.
The practice of short/long vowel and voiced/unvoiced consonant in pairs was also very useful for the students. The sight words charts were introduced to accelerate the reading skills. The students were encouraged to learn the meaning of the words at home.
All the participants found the session educational and helpful.
Number of participants – 61 persons.
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November, 10 – Basic English Group 4.5 started to read.
In spite of the inclement weather conditions a big group of new comers arrived for the fifth lesson of the Basic English group at DOUNB Library and Dnipro Window on America center.  With big enthusiasm the group started to read easy English words.
The year 2016 in Ukraine is the year of the English Language.
The Basic English Group at DOUNB library is an integral part of the EXPRESS-ENGLISH course offered to the Window on America Dnipro patrons in year 2016.
All the participants found the session educational and helpful. So we’ll meet again very soon.
Number of participants – 50 persons.
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 On November, 17th – «International Games Day at DniproWOA» - We play and learn.Information and Resource Center "Window on America" joined the observance of the International Games Days (#IGD16).  Thousands of libraries worldwide under the initiative of American Library Association celebrate this date (November 19) for 9th time.

The day turned into a week when the libraries of the world present modern library services to their communities and play funny and educational games.
On this day, the Basic English group was introduced to the WOA’s game collection.
The group participants played board games with linguistic collection "Activate / Activate» (Use a Word, What You Might Find, Name Your' Favorite) guided by the center’s staff.
 The more knowledgeable students were initiated into, the game "Apples to Apples". It requires matching of nouns and adjectives.
For gadget fans the game "Futaba was introduced.. It involves four people at a time; they had to match a name and a picture.
All the proposed games have enriched the vocabulary of our students and improved their spirits. Learning English may be fun even to adults. Look at the faces of the participants!
At the end of the day the gaming session was offered to the middle students. They used WOA’s iPads to play word game “Futaba’.
Number of participants – 55 persons.

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