12 November, 2016

The U.S. Veterans Day

Today’s session of the GABFEST Club (Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine) was dedicated to the U.S. Veterans Day which is celebrated on November, 11. The club members who knew the symbolism of the date explained it to the others. November 11 was the date when World War I ended.
The Gabfest club regular members told the new-comers about our American volunteers Mr. Jason and Mr. Stephen who are American veterans. The group was offered several famous quotes about the Veteran’s Day for translation (“All gave some, some gave all“, etc.)  and discussion (tradition of  hoisting  US flags on the flagpoles in front of the buildings, traditional Veterans Day parades, tradition of having military cemeteries, etc.).
Our American volunteer Mr. Jason suggested a video for the Veteran’s day Gabfest session. It was a story about a retired US Marine veteran who lost all limbs in 2010 in Afghanistan. The soldier received a double arm transplant. John Peck is believed to be the second quadruple amputee veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan war to receive a double arm transplant, according to the Post. The hospital paid for the surgery, and the doctors volunteered their services.

 The group was impressed with the story and sends greetings to Mr. Jason and Mr. Stephen for the holiday.
In the second part of the session the group listen to the presentation about the Salvation army prepared by a Ukrainian head of the mission in Dnipro. The Salvation Army is a charity with good reputation in the United States, especially   due to its disaster relief efforts (the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake). American portrait of Xmas will not be complete without the Salvation Army’s use of bell ringers to solicit donations from passers-by. In the U.S. over 25,000 volunteers with red kettles are stationed near retail stores during the weeks preceding Christmas for fundraising. The tips for budget travel around the world were very helpful for the club members.
Number of participants – 50 persons.

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