08 November, 2016

Activate English Group in November

November, 8  Activate English Group 4.5. The Activate English Group at DOUNB library is an integral part of the EXPRESS-ENGLISH course offered to the Window on America Dnipropetrovsk readers in year 2016.
The year 2016 in Ukraine is the year of the English Language. The Activate English Group - 4 was created for people who have been studying English for several years, but are too shy to speak.
The objective of the course is to activate the passive knowledge and enable the students of English to express themselves in English no matter how small might be their vocabulary.
The participants of the group will be offered some revision activities to refresh their grammar skills. The vocabulary for the topics will be presented and illustrated with native-speaking videos to activate their comprehension skills.
The activation of the speaking skills will take place during the conversation pair practice.
The materials for the Activate English Group are compiled and presented by the qualified ESL teacher. They are based on original textbook by the reputable language house “Macmillan” and various free on-line resources for ESL study.
 All the participants found the session educational and helpful.
Number of participants – 43 persons.

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November, 15  – ACTIVATE ENGLISH group 4.6. at Dnipro Window on America center.

The Activate English instructor Tamara Gavryliuk checked how well the students made their homework to be ready to talk about the authentic and gastronomic souvenirs from Dnipropetrovsk. The task proved to be difficult, so we did it again together. Now each participant of the lesson is able to recommend in English to foreign visitors of the city the following regional products as: Petrykivka painting, Millennium chocolate bars, AVK chocolates, cookies “Dnipro”, extra virgin sunflower oil from toasted seeds, dumplings and cured lard. The lesson was very educational; it provided a lot of cross-cultural information. It taught the students to describe their everyday life in understandable English.
Number of participants – 51 persons.

On November, 29 – Activate English Group 4.8. The year 2016 in Ukraine is the year of the English Language.
This afternoon the Activate Group of the Express-English course in Window on America Dnipro had a very exciting lesson. It was attended by our US volunteers Mr. Jason and Mr. Stephen.
The students practiced with native speakers to talk about renting a flat in Dnipro. They had to discuss locations, the types of buildings, the condition of the property and rates.
In the second part of the lesson the new vocabulary was introduced to enable the students to talk about their favorite books and their work. The presence of the foreign guests showed how stressful it is to speak about simple things. But the students Serghiy and Volodymyr were brave enough to keep the conversation with American guests.
All the participants found the session educational and helpful.
Number of participants – 31 persons.

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