03 September, 2016

Speed English: Jobs and Money

Speed English at Dnipro Window on America center.
Today, our Speed English was orientated towards one topic “Jobs and Money”. Our guests from Australia, Mr. Eric and Ms. Irina, helped us a lot and it was interesting to discuss how much the life in Australia and Ukraine is similar at one side and different at the another ones. “What professions are prestigious in your country?”, “What was your first job for money?” and “Do you prefer to spend money or save money?” were actively discussed.
After the official part, our club members were reluctant to leave the library. We continued communication and discussion. And even after passing into the library hall with the purpose to leave, we continued asking questions and discussing issues. It is difficult to say “good buy” to the friend which became dear to us.
Participants number – 30 participants.

Look at this slide-show, please

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