10 September, 2016



This afternoon the session of the #GABFEST Club at #DniproWOA was truly international – our Australian and American friends came over to join our conversation club. For the warm-up we had an introduction of the newcomers and cracking some jokes in Ukrainian (with explanations for the foreigners).

The official topic of the session was “COLUMBUS” of the Ukrainian Stepp ”. 

The group was offered to render into English for our guests the information about the prominent citizen of American Corner Dnipropetrovsk – Mr. Alexander Pohl. The slide show gave the most important facts about Pohl’s projects – the Dnipropetrovsk province iron ore deposits discovery and construction of the railway between iron ore and coal regions. The industrial glory of Dnipro was prepared by this enthusiast. A. Pohl also started the collection of the local history museum .

The second part of the session was a Q&A. The foreigners were asking about the City Day events and entertainment. The club members recommended them good places for concerts and shows for the city’s birthday.

Mr. Eric also arranged the tasting of the Australian heritage – the vitamin spread Vegemite.

The session was educational for all participants.

Participants number –  42 persons.

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