03 September, 2016


FATHER’S DAY and other Australian holidays.
This afternoon the Gabfest Club’s session was dedicated to the introduction of the Father’s Day. The group was familiarized with the American tradition to celebrate this holiday (June). The illustrative video mentioned that YMCA was one of organizations that helped to spread the idea of the Father’s Day celebration in the USA.  The iconic YMCA song by Village People was introduced to the Club members as well as the popular YMSA disco dance.
The second part of the session was dedicated to the Father’s Day celebration in Australia – this year it is September, 3.  Our Australian volunteers Mr. Eric and Mrs. Iryna made a presentation about Father’s Day traditions. They also introduced other unique Australian holidays – Wattle Day (September, 1), ANZAC Day, Boxing Day, etc. They have told the group about unique Australian plants – wattle flower, waratah flower, macadamia nut. We mentioned other Australian things – vitamin spread VEGEMITE, BYO restaurants (where you can bring your own alcohol), and  plastic wine cask.

The group enjoyed the conversation with foreign guests very much.
Participants number – 39 participants.

After meeting IRYNA shared the INSIGHTS into Australian Life with the Gabfest activists.

 Look at more pictures, please

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