15 September, 2016

Hello, ENGLISH! We are back to school!»

DOUNB Library Promo for WOA’s resources:   «Привіт, ENGLISH! We are back to school!»
On the main street of Dnipro city in front of the DOUNB Library building the Window on America center staff joined the promotional event for library services. We presented the book display: «Hello, ENGLISH!» which familiarized with the popular  US  landmarks and the most popular sports in America – baseball and basketball.
 The "Window on America" Librarians reminded the passes-by about the “Year of English in Ukraine” and informed them about free resources for learning English at  the DOUNB library, the clubs and courses offered at WOA.
The people interested in the WOA’s stand were offered the CNN Olympics Quiz. They had to answer questions of a funny test about Olympic Games history and Rio Games.
While introducing library resources we met some knowledgeable people who answered questions of the «Great CNN Olympic quiz»; as prizes they received WOA’s  bookmarks and pens.
The librarians distributed promo flyers, shared information about the new groups of free  Express English course that start in October (11  and 13). Several interested persons signed up on the spot.

Number of participants – 97 persons.
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