12 September, 2015

American celebrities on bikes

«WOA's City Day Outdoor Session».
On the occasion of the City Day the Window on America center (Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) staff participated in the traditional libraries’ presentation event «A Date with Dnipropetrovsk oblast Libraries» in the Lazar Hloba park.
For the adult visitors of the WOA’s stand the staff offered a photo-quiz "American celebrities on bikes". The images presented cycling celebrities: the US President Barack Obama, the ex-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, popular actors Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie. We hope that such role models are very effective and urge people to choose healthy life style and regular cycling training. And if you have “a healthy morale in a healthy body”, your progress in English study will be faster!

The WOA’s stand attracted Ukrainian military veterans who study English and plan to join the Gabfest English-speaking club. Cossack dancers and college students also tried their luck in the photo-quiz. For young visitors of the library fair WOA Center displayed pop-up books, Disney cartoons puzzles and coloring albums. We reminded the visitors that some popular cartoon characters like books and bikes.

The Library fair for the city residents promoted libraries, had educational value and expanded the awareness about the new library services.
Number of participants – 80 persons.


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