30 September, 2015

Cycling trains the body, reading books trains the soul!

On this festive day the patrons and staff of the DOUNB Library participated in the opening of a bike-parking stand near the main library building entrance in Y. Savchenko Str, 10. 
The parking stand was acquired with the assistance of the US Embassy in Ukraine within the framework of the "Windows Go biking" project
The library patrons who arrived on bicycles demonstrated how to park the vehicles. The rest of the spectators watched them in a symbolic circle. 
DOUNB Library Director Nadia Titova together with the Window on America Center Head Svetlana Usenko cut the traditional opening ribbon and invited young people to visit the library more often and participate in its activities. Study English with the help of modern library and free resources!

Remember the motto of the project: "Cycling trains the body, reading books trains the soul!"
Number of participants – 30 persons.

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