05 September, 2015

Lifelong Learning

At the beginning of the academic year the Gabfest’s club session ("Window on America" Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) was dedicated to the topic of “Lifelong Learning”.
We started with the analysis of the so-called “soft skills”. Soft skills have more to do with who we are than what we know. As such, soft skills encompass the character traits that decide how well one interacts with others, and are usually a definite part of one's personality. Whereas hard skills can be learned

Lifelong learning is defined as learning that is pursued throughout life: learning that is flexible, diverse and available at different times and in different places. Lifelong learning crosses sectors, promoting learning beyond traditional schooling and throughout adult life (ie post-compulsory education).
The new notions were illustrated with YouTube videos. The videos explained what triggered the need for lifelong education and showed funny examples from the modern American life – senior citizens learning to use modern gadgets.

The unofficial part of the session was a conversation with our guests from Australia. The club members asked many questions about life in Australia.
Number of participants – 20 persons.
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