21 March, 2015

The Spring Jazz Talk

Within the framework of the project “U.S. ART Residence in Dnipropetrovsk” the session of English speaking club GABFEST was dedicated  to «American Jazz Divas». March is a good time to introduce female artists whose input into American jazz was very considerable. The session’s moderator T.Gavryliuk prepared a compilation of videos about most famous American female jazz singers – both vintage and contemporary. The compilation presented important ladies in American jazz and introduced the audience to the golden jazz hits performed by Ella Fitzgerlad, Billi Holiday, Barbara Strerisand and Chaka Khan. The Club members had the opportunity to read the lyrics and enjoy both the jazz music and the texts.

The genuine surprise of the session was a live performance of jazz by the musician from the Dnipropetrovsk Conservatorium – Yakov Tsvetynskiy (trumpet). The talented local jazz musician was introduced by the expert – PhD in Musical Theory Ms. Irina Riabtseva.
The Club members were delighted to learn more about the history of the American jazz with the live music illustrations. The guest   received the round of applause and a gift .The performance took place at the DOUNB library Art department.

The WOA staff invited the musicians and the GABFEST Club committee for an after-event tea.  With the background of jazz music we discussed the plans for future cooperation of the DOUNB Library and Dnipropetrovsk Conservatorium.
Participants number – 26 persons.

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