10 March, 2015

Friendly visit

On March, 10 DOUNB Library and WOA Center were visited the by representatives of  the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv - Ms. Rachel Atwood  from the Cultural Affairs office and Ms. Natalka Vasyukhnik, the coordinator of  the U.S. government programs’ alumni.

The honored guests were offered a slide show about the mission and the achievements of the WOA Dnipropetrovsk center. The meeting was also attended by the WOA’s partners in Dnipropetrovsk: Mr. Brian Chung, the Fulbright exchange lecturer at the Mining University; Mr. Jason Rush, the volunteer at the WOA’s “Gabfest” English-speaking club; Ms. Dasha Gerasymova, the FLEX exchange coordinator.

WOA Dnipropetrovsk staff members Svitlana Usenko and Tamara Gavryliuk informed the guests about the numerous WOA’s projects in the past and in progress. The local partners shared their impressions about the joint events and projects.

On behalf of the DOUNB Library administration the guests were greeted by Mrs. Tetiana Abraimova, the vice-director. She presented the guests with a local souvenir and offered the samples of the WOA’s promotional materials.The library received a US Embassy’s grant in 2014 to print these materials and promote the WOA’s activities.

We have great hopes for the future cooperation of the DOUNB Library and the US Embassy in Ukraine.

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