21 March, 2015

Discover USA: Washington D.C.

Within the frame work of the “Discover USA” project Window on America Dnipropetrovsk arranged a session for the students from the school No. 4 in the city suburb Pidhorodne.
We decided to start the presentation of the WOA Center with a slide show about the city of Washington – the capital of the USA.  The WOA’s Head Svitlana who has been to Washington city shared her positive emotions about the trip to the USA.
 The students had to read and translate the text on the slides and comment the images on the slides. The focus of the presentation this time was on the architecture of the buildings and the interiors of the world-known sites – the White House, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court building, etc.

The second half of the session was a presentation about the FLEX school students exchange program by the WOA volunteer Hanna Akastelova. Hanna shared her experience of living and studying in the USA for an academic year. She also told the group about the process of enrolling into the FLEX program.
The teacher and the students were impressed by the visit and will be happy to cooperate with the WOA Center in the future.
Participants number – 11persons.

Have a look at more pictures, please

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