14 March, 2015

Learn in motion

The "Window on America" center hosted American Teen Club members, Dnipropetrovsk teenagers, who are willing to improve their English language, get to know about the United States and have a good time! The meeting was lead by the FLEX alumni Darya Gerasymova'13 and Hanna Akastelova’13.
Today’s session started with a pleasant surprise – the Teen Club was visited by the American guests - Mr. Brian Chung and Mr. Jason Rush.
The session started with grammar exercises. The teenagers tried to complete on-line grammar test. Then group watched several relevant YouTube videos.
In the second part of the session Mr. Chung suggested to play popular in the USA action games. The first game activated the vocabulary for the topic “Animal World”. The second game “Ninja” needed more space for the “action” element and the group had to move to one of the DOUNB library lobbies.
All the participants were happy to “learn in motion” and communicate with native-speaking guests.
Number of participants – 8 persons.

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