28 May, 2016

The Largest English Lesson in the World

Today the "Window on America" Center patrons, Gabfest Club members and Dnipropetrovsk activists participated in the Attempt to organize the Largest English Lesson in the World. The event was part of the “UkraineSpeaking” / УкраїнаSpeaking project that was launched in Ukraine in year 2016 which is the “Year of English Language”.
The Lesson’s objective was to introduce to the participants the grammatical structure “WOULD RATHER” and practice its use in the format of pair conversation.
The WOA and DOUNBV Library staff prepared a big room for event and arranged other things to comply with the “Guinness World Records” standards.

Some participants learned about the event from the participants “UkraineSpeaking” web-site. But the majority of the students were WOA’s patrons /Gabfest Club members.
The event was funny and educational. Besides the lesson material the group was offered a “Would Rather” Song to practice the auditing and demonstrate their preference.
The WOA’s participation in the Largest English Language in the world attracted the local reporters.
The TV crew of the local 9th TV channel arrived to the DOUNB Library and shot the first part of the event.
The Lesson’s participants were excited with the objective to see themselves on the TV screens.

Number of participants – 74 persons.
Have a look at more pictures, please


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