12 May, 2016

The First-Graders’ Visit to WOA

Today the Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk was visited by a big group of the primary school students from the local School No.141. The school is a long-time partner of the DOUNB Library and the WOA Dnipropetrovsk.
As part of the Library Lesson the group of kids was introduced to the WOA Center. The WOA’s HEAD Svitlana Usenko initiated the young fellows into the history of the USA and told them fun facts about the US flag. Now the children know the name of flag colors in English and the number of stars on it.

The second part of the session was the introduction of the WOA’s image and book display ”Space is getting closer”. The children were very interested in the drawings by the older fellow students made for the “Global Astronomy Month” and “The First Human Space Flight Day”.
The topic allowed the WOA’s Head to introduced English vocabulary to the students. They learned the English words ”Earth”, “Moon”, ”Mars”, “astronaut”, “cosmonaut”, ‘telescope”, “rocket”, etc. While giving comments to the drawings we talked about US astronauts landing to the moon and possibility of extra-terrestrial life on other planets. It was a big surprise to us, adults, that young kids were able to keep a conversation about space and human space flight.
At the end of the session we had a chance to introduce the WOA’s book collection. The highlight of the WOA’s kids’ book collection was the pop-up book based on the W.Disney’s cartoon “Ice Age”.
Participants number – 31 (29 students + 2 teachers).

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