04 April, 2015

Easter Celebration in the USA

Today’s session of the Gabfest English speaking Club at the "Window on America" Dnipropetrovsk started with an influx of new-comers. The most numerous was a group of senior high school students from the Pidhorodne suburb of Dnipropetrovsk. Their teacher brought the group prior to the beginning of the Club session in order to introduce the student to the FLEX exchange program. Several videos gave the students an insight into the process of candidates selection and other formalities for the program participants.

The official topic of the session was “Easter Celebration in the USA”. The group was offered several You Tube videos about the Easter story. The videos introduced the basic vocabulary to the topic and enabled the group to support a conversation about Easter in English. The most impressive was the video about the Holy Sepulcher as it visualized a lot of important historical details.
The video about the traditional celebration of Easter in the USA presented the popular kids’ games – Easter egg hunt and Easter egg roll – that were new to the group. We talked about the differences in Easter celebration in Catholic and Orthodox denominations. The Club members shared their plans for Easter weekend.
In spite of the complicated topic the group enjoyed the conversation and the new information received at the session.
Number of participants – 25 persons.

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