18 April, 2015

Earth Day

Today’s the session of the Dnipropetrovsk Window on America center’s Gabfest Club was dedicated to the observance of the EARTH DAY. The Club members told about their activities that help to save the planet. The stories ranged from the use of electric public transportation to garbage separation and compost pits arrangement. Many participants felt short for specific words. Today’s session was a wonderful opportunity to introduce the group to the American English at State’s “Green Vocabulary”. It presented the club members with definitions of key words and provided contextual examples. Introduction of the green vocabulary enabled the group to better understand the illustrative videos – among them climate change and cheeseburger footprint videos. 

The second part of the session dealt with a “Success Story” of the long- time Club member – Mr. Nestor. Nestor worked as a fire- fighter in Dnipropetrovsk, but he had a dream to become a sea-man. We supported Nestor in his efforts to graduate from the marine college at the age of 44. Today Nestor attended the Gabfest Club session and surprised his fellow members with his fluent English.  Our friend completed his first contract as a navigational officer on a river-sea cargo ship and came to share his success with us. Nestor showed the group a slide show of his work at sea; he commented the photos and answered the questions of the group about the geography of his international sea travel, his routine work aboard, etc.
Participants number – 19 persons.
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