11 April, 2015

English Speaking Club, Gabfest, World Health Day

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club in Window on America Dnipropetrovsk was dedicated to the observance of the WORLD HEALTH DAY (April 7). This year World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety under the slogan “From farm to plate, make food safe.”
The group discussed the posters and videos prepared by the WHO about the safety of food and its crucial elements. Each Club member shared his own experience of food safety risks while eating out or at home. Club Member Dmitriy compared the requirements to food safety in Finland and in Ukraine.
The next video that was demonstrated to the group was prepared by the US organization and gave us an insight into the US home food safety rules. Many of the session’s participants will try to apply these rules at their Ukrainian homes. The final activity was Q@A regarding the food safety issues. The group appreciated the importance of the topic and will follow the advice of the US experts during the Orthodox Easter celebration.
Number of participants – 15 persons.

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