22 September, 2012

Healthy lifestyle – walking

Today’s session of the “GABFEST” was remarkable for the amount of newcomers who arrived to join the club.
The introduction ritual revealed the fact that the majority of the newcomers deal with economics – students or professionals.
The topic for the discussion was: “Healthy lifestyle – walking”. We discussed many aspects of this fitness activity. Several quotes about walking were translated and discussed.
The guest lecturer Igor presented a variety of walking called “Nordic Pole Walking”. We watched a video about the development of this sport in the USA. The lecturer told us important facts about the positive effect of Nordic Pole Walking on the body and its systems, especially cardio-vascular one.
The Ukrainian school of Nordic walking that is based in Dnipropetrovsk. The success stories of the ladies who practice Nordic Walking impressed the audience.
After the lecture a master-class was offered for those who were interested in trying the new equipment. It was very educational and a lot of fun. Both younger and older generations   of the club members tried it and will consider practicing Nordic Pole Walking as part of their healthy lifestyles.
Number of participants –  39 persons.


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