19 January, 2017

MLK Day at DniproWOA

This afternoon the WOA Dnipro was visited by a group of the 7th year student from the local school No.141.The school is WOA’s longtime partner as its focus is the foreign languages study.
The group was offered a slide show about the life of Martin Luther King in Ukrainian and the MLK cartoon in English. The group has taken the topic seriously and learned the new terms “segregation”, “discrimination”, “civil rights movement” and others.
The highlight of the presentation was the translation of the famous quote “I Have a Dream”.

In the discussion that followed we covered the achievements of the US civil rights movement in the XXI century and the achievements of African-Ukrainians in different spheres of public life (sport, music, media, art).

Participants number – 19 persons.
Have a look at more pictures, please

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