14 January, 2017

Orthodox Christmas celebration in Ukraine: MELANIA at WOA Dnipro

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club (Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine) was dedicated to the topic “Orthodox Christmas celebration in Ukraine”.
As a warm up we have used the Club’s Introduction ritual. Quite a big number of new-comers turned up for the first session in the year 2017. The group had a chance to ask new-comers about their background and their interest in English. The regular Club members explained the newcomers the history of the Club’s name “Gabfest” and major facts about the club.
The official topic “Orthodox Xmas celebration” started with tricky questions from the Club’s Moderator T. Gavryliuk. She asked the group to explain her choice of outfit – with ethnic elements (head gear, beads, embroidery). The correct guess did not come easy – the St. Melanie and St. Basil days celebrated on January 13-14 are not very popular among urban dwellers in Ukraine.

The next challenge was to explain why do we celebrate New Year twice in Ukraine. Almost all could give one reason (difference in religious calendars), and only few people gave additional explanations.
The mentioning of  St. Melanie day allowed us to introduce to the group the new First Lady of the USA – Mrs. Melania TRUMP.  Her portrait and five important facts were presented, translated and discussed.
Number of participants – 36 persons.


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