08 August, 2015

Ukrainian Cossacks' Heritage

On the eve of the Ukraine’s Independence Day in the "Window on America" Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine Speaking Club “Gabfest” was a session dedicated to the heroic heritage of Ukrainian Cossacks. Our American volunteer Mr. Jason, a fan of history and cultural tourism, was very interested to learn more about the Cossack sites in Dnipropetrovsk region. At first each Club-member mentioned the important thing that should be known about Cossacks. The group told Jason about Cossack’s role in the Ukrainian history, their recognizable dress and head gear, their holy guardian – Virgin Mary, the warrior skills and dances derived from the martial art (Gopack, Polzunets, etc.).
Particular tribute was paid to a legendary Cossack whose death anniversary is observed by patriots in Dnipropetrovsk oblast on a regular basis. Ivan Sirko (1610–1680) was a Cossack military leader, Koshovyi Otaman of the Zaporozhian Host. It is believed that he participated in 55 battles and won all of them. After his death, Ivan Sirko — one of the most popular Cossack leaders in Ukrainian history— became a hero of many myths, folk songs and poems.
In 1967 the Kakhovka water Reservoir was threatening the Otaman Sirko's burial site, so he was reburied near the village of Kapulivka, 70 miles from Dnipropetrovsk. Each year on August, 01 modern Ukrainian Cossacks and patriots visit the burial site to commemorate the anniversary of Otaman Sirko’s death.

The presence of our American volunteer Jason motivated to Ukrainian Club-members to reveal interesting facts from the local history and improve their conversational skills.
The topic was complicated, but educational for all participants.
Number of participants – 18 persons.

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