15 August, 2015


Today’s session of the Gabfest Club was dedicated to the topic “Pow-Wow – the traditional festival of Native Americans”.  We have read and translated an article about the structure and rituals of this ethnic event, watched several You Tube videos with the songs and dances of Native Americans. We also reviewed the list of 10 most famous Native Americans.
The WOA’s books on different aspects of Native American history were introduced to the group.
Big help was offered by our volunteer Mr. Jason who answered numerous questions of the Club members about modern life of Native Americans.

After the conversation about the Native Americans we continued to discuss the phenomenon of “indigenous people” in Ukraine and provided our volunteer Jason with a lot of useful info about the unique ethnic groups that live on the territory of the modern Ukraine.
The session dealt with difficult topic, but it refreshed the knowledge of the Ukrainian public about the history of the Native Americans.
Number of participants – 32 persons.


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