04 July, 2015

USA Independence Day

On USA Independence Day morning many Gabfest club members participated in the WOA’s ("Window on America" Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) cycling flash mob. 
Therefore the club’s session started with the introduction of the cycling flash mob organizers and participants to the new visitors and regular club members. Among the bike rally organizers were WOA Heads from other parts of Ukraine – Ternopil, Lutsk and Poltava. On behalf of their patrons they greeted Gabfest club with the USA Independence day and explained the symbolism of the event. The symbolic Web of Friendship created by WOA Dnipropetrovsk visitors united Central and Western parts of Ukraine!

The educational part of the session introduced the group to the cycling vocabulary – mainly the types of cycling activities. The vocabulary was illustrated by the “USAcycling” web site materials. To learn more about the popularity of cycling in the USA we watched You Tube videos comparing cycling infrastructure of the USA and the Netherlands.
The highlight of the video illustrations was the video of the Independence Day parade in Washington in 2012. A group of children on unicycles impressed the viewers and the following discussion allowed to practice the new cycling vocabulary.

The group was particularly grateful to our American volunteer Mr. Jason Rush. He shared with us the celebration of his country’s Independence Day and spend this beautiful day with the Gabfest club members!
Number of participants – 35 persons.
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