04 July, 2015

Cycling flash mob «Windows go biking»

This day in Dnipropetrovsk between 10 am and 13 am took place the third stage of the all-Ukrainian cycling flash mob «Windows go biking». 
The first stage of the flash mob took place in Ternopil in April, the second – in Lutsk in May.
The aim of the action was to offer an unusual library event that will bring together a wide range of social groups: librarians and library users, "Window on America" centers from different cities of Ukraine and their patrons, our American friends, people interested in reading books and fans of bicycles. All efforts were aimed at popularization among residents of Dnipropetrovsk the following: modern library services in Ukraine, WOA Centers activities, free opportunities to improve English language skills by using library resources, healthy habits and lifestyle.
City guests, American Corners’ coordinators from Ternopil, Poltava, Lutsk and our American friends (Mr. Jason) joined the flash mob.

The 4th of July – is not a trivial day for Americans. On this day they celebrate Independence Day.
The cycling flash mob started from the DOUNB Library building in Karl Marx prospect, 18. The event involved 23 persons on bicycles and a support group on the route (7 persons).
The morning greets us with bright sun, but two hours later the sun tested our endurance with stinging rays. En route participants were welcomed by two DOUNB Library support groups – girls - librarians offered drinking water to the bike-riders. The support groups also handed out promotional materials about the modern services of the "Window on America" center.
The 6 km long tour the participants covered in 2.5 hours (with several stops). The cycling mob disturbed the silence of the hundred years old Taras Shevchenko park, visited the poet’s monument on the Monastery Island on the Dniper river, entertained the vacationers at the Monastery Island beach. They had a nice run along the picturesque waterfront, welcomed moto-bikers at the Festival Quay, made a stop to have a photograph with the largest in Ukraine painted trident that appeared on the facade of the local landmark – Hotel "Parus" - last year.
Participants of the cycling flash mob made stops to talk to the city residents, to distribute promotional fliers advertising modern library services. This was a way to show  to people that  a bicycle – is a work-out for the body, and a book – is a work-out for the mind. No wonder that the flash mob’s slogan (by Helen Prytykyna) was the cheer “Ride a bicycle again: get strong body, mighty brain”.

The highlight of the cycling caravan was a hand-made tri-cycle. It was manufactured by a local bike fan and presented by Leonid Kupnevych. Everyone tried to ride it. This bike has attracted even more attention to our cycling flash mob.
Among the participants was a journalist and local historian Boris Kovtonyuk. To join our 6 km long flash mob rally he had to cycle 15 km from his home situated on the opposite bank of the river! Boris made many wonderful photos of the event. We thank all our friends and fans for participation! 

Special Independence Day greetings to our American friend Mr. Jason. He was very recognizable in the group as he carried bright American flag on his shoulders.
Ukrainians believe that meeting with a wedding party in the street brings luck. Saturday morning promenade on the waterfront is a favorite ritual of Dnipropetrovsk newlyweds. The WOA’s flash mob riders met many wedding parties on the water front, but one was very special – a Ukrainian girl married an American. The “just-married” couple gladly joined the WOA’s bike-riders for a group photo.

The event’s mission was completed - a large number of people was introduced to the "Window on America" center. Promotional flyers indicate the address where one can go to improve the knowledge of English.
We look forward to meet new visitors at the library !!!

The Gabfest club‘s session after cycling flash mob started with the introduction of the cycling flash mob organizers and participants to the new visitors and regular club members. The symbolic Web of Friendship created by WOA Dnipropetrovsk visitors united Central and Western parts of Ukraine!
Number of participants – 30 + 35 persons.

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