25 February, 2012

“Guns & Roses”

Pictures made with iPad using Valentine's Frames program
Today’s session “Guns & Roses” at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk was dedicated to the presentation of the popular February holidays celebrated either globally or only in Ukraine.
The discussion started with St.Valentine’s day - the day celebrated by people in love. We have reviewed the background of this holiday, discussed its symbols, traditions, etc. Kathryn, our PCV friend, mentioned that she could not find heart candies in Ukraine and explained what kind of sweet it is.
the meringue Kiev cake.
The Club members used the opportunity to introduce the famous Ukrainian cake to Kathryn – the meringue Kiev cake. We explained the Ukrainian traditions of gastronomic souvenirs.
The next holiday we discussed – was the ex-Soviet holiday celebrated on the 23rd of February – the Motherland Protectors’ Day. The Club members explained the meaning of this holiday and the controversy behind it.
The most interesting holiday for the discussion turned out to be the Slavic Pan Cake week “Masliana”.
We have demonstrated a slide show about this holiday and explained to our American friends the details of folk celebrations. In return they have told us about the winter carnival traditions in USA.
Patrick happened to be a fan of New Orleans
The most famous carnival in the country is Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Patrick happened to be a fan of New Orleans – he volunteered there several times and had a lot of photos about Mardi Gras Parade.
Once the official part of the discussion was over the club members and our American friends had tea with pancakes and Kiev meringue cake.
Session was a success!
The number of participants – 23 persons.
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